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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:United States of America
the girl
Hi. I'm Mer. I'm a 20-something and get paid to sit on my ass and play with pictures. I'm a dork/geek/nerd/whatever. My current fandom obsessions are Merlin, and to a slightly lesser extent, Stargate Atlantis, but I'm boring, and tend to post mostly about Real Life crap. I'm pretty damn liberal, I'd like to think I'm intelligent, and Photoshop is my downfall. John Sheppard and Ronon Dex are my boys. I'm a little in love with Bradley James.
the friending
I'm pretty particular about who I friend. It's mostly because I don't have enough time to read the flist I've got, and I've been burned by "real life" drama. I like to know who's reading this. Leave a comment, and I'll think about it. I can't promise I'll respond, but I will consider you. If you randomly friend me, without leaving a comment about how you found me, I will not friend you back. Comment, it's not that hard.
the fandoms
TV: Merlin, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, House, Supernatural, Star Trek: TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT, Heroes, Doctor Who (2005), Kyle XY, Bones, NCIS, Jericho, The 4400, Eureka, NUMB3RS, Criminal Minds.
Movies: Harry Potter series, Indiana Jones, Sleeping Beauty.
Books: Harry Potter, Greek Tragedy, Egyptian Book of the Dead, His Dark Materials.
the graphics
Journal Layout: Stylesheet from gossymer@lj. Profile image features Bradley James as Prince Arthur Pendragon, and was made by me.

I post a variety of shareable graphics, including icons, layouts, wallpapers, and headers, at geektasticons@lj. I post when I remember, which, unfortunately, isn't all that often. An in-progress resource list is here.

profile codes // me@lj

Interests (136):

age of mythology, aiden ford, amanda tapping, ancient cultures, ancient egypt, angst, archaeology, archaeology law, archival studies, archives, arthur pendragon, asexuality, australia, australopithecus boisei, australopithecus robustus, aviation history, battlestar galactica, ben browder, bisexuality, bradley james, cameron mitchell, chocolate, chris judge, classical archaeology, claude monet, colin morgan, connor trinneer, daniel jackson, david tennant, dnp, doctor who, drawing, egyptology, elizabeth weir, enterprise, eureka, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fiction, firefly, firefox, fossils, freedom of speech, gay marriage, gay rights, geek love, graphics, hadar, harry potter, heroes, history, hominid evolution, house, icons, impressionism, indiana jones, indy's bullwhip, jack o'neill, japanese footbridge, jason momoa, jericho, joe flanigan, john sheppard, koobi fora, kyle xy, laetoli, laetoli footprints, languages, latin, leather fedoras, liberal left, livejournal icons, lucy the australopithicine, macgyver, magnificent seven, malcolm reed, merlin bbc, merlin emrys, merlin/arthur, meta, michael shanks, migraines, migraines suck, military aviation, military history, monet, movies, multi-'shipping, museology, museum curation, museum exhibits, museum studies, museums, mythology, ncis, numb3rs, obsidian, olduvai, olduvai gorge, paleoanthropology, photographic methods, photoshop, pompeii, prehistory, preserving the past, pro-choice, pro-smut, reading, richard dean anderson, roman archaeology, roman civilization, rome, ronon dex, samantha carter, sci fi, sci-fi, science, science fiction, seaquest dsv, sg-1, shungura formation, smut, smutfic, star trek, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, supernatural, swimming, teal'c, teyla emmagen, the 4400, trip tucker, waterlilly series, web design
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